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  We are all familiar with white iron processing ventilation equipment, ventilation duct is an important part of ventilation equipment, connecting fan, air treatment equipment and air inlet. In the design of ventilation pipeline, attention should be paid to the problem of resistance in the ventilation pipeline, and the resistance should be reduced as far as possible in the design.
  White cast iron processing materials should have low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, fire resistance and other properties.
  When designing ventilation pipes, if possible, they should not be too long; the diameter of the pipes should be thick and the shape should be round.
  支管半径不得小于主管半径的1/2 ~ 1/3,以方便通风管道的加工。
  The radius of branch pipe should not be less than 1/2 to 1/3 of the radius of main pipe to facilitate the processing of ventilation pipe.
  Ventilation pipes should be designed as bent as possible.
  The design elbow of ventilation pipeline should be as small as possible, and the distance between the two elbows should be large. When the distance between the two elbows is three times the diameter of the pipe, the resistance increases by about 80%. When it was five times that, it only increased by 30%.
  Place it upright or oblique as far as possible. Set up a cleaning port. The connection should be tight, water-tight and easy to maintain.
  Chongqing Ventilation Pipeline has high efficiency: it can effectively remove smoke and dust particles of different sizes, and has high purification efficiency, which fundamentally solves the problem of pollution transfer.
  2. 灵活性:模块化机组可灵活组合,机组数量可根据不同排烟能力和净化速率要求进行自适应调整。
  2. Flexibility: Modular units can be combined flexibly, and the number of units can be adjusted adaptively according to the requirements of different exhaust capacity and purification rate.
  3. Advanced: advanced numerical control equipment, fine production, reasonable assembly structure, long-term operation of high efficiency.
  4. 安全:安全系统设计良好,可配备检修门,及时检测风管运行状态。使用安全可靠,大大提高了操作的安全系数。
  4. Safety: The safety system is well designed, and can be equipped with overhaul doors to detect the operation status of air ducts in time. It is safe and reliable to use and greatly improves the safety factor of operation.
  5. 稳定性:不锈钢风管本身采用焊接工艺,并经过严格检测,可根据客户要求装配各种实用解决方案(有两种夹紧、法兰),能保证设备的稳定运行。
  5. Stability: Stainless steel air duct itself adopts welding technology, and after strict testing, can be assembled according to customer requirements of various practical solutions (two kinds of clamping, flange), to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
  People are demanding higher and higher quality of life and environment. Ventilation systems will be considered when building and some factories are built. Especially in factories, only good ventilation can ensure the safety of factory workers and provide good environmental conditions for future work. For air duct processing, the choice of professional manufacturers is the first consideration.
  What are the types of pipeline treatment? Ventilation pipes are used to transport air pipeline system. What kind of pipeline should be paid attention to in pipeline treatment? There are different shapes and materials. Pipes can be divided into circular, rectangular and elliptical pipes according to the shape of cross section. They are commonly used in life.
  According to the material, it can be divided into metal material and composite duct. Different types of pipelines are selected according to their different characteristics and application environment. Ventilation pipes are widely used in all walks of life and are indispensable ventilation equipment.
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