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Ventilation duct is very important in urban architecture, especially the quality of its installation affects the air exchange, affects people's normal "activities" and affects people's work efficiency.
1. Make preparations before construction
As the saying goes, "sharpening a knife does not mistake a woodcutter". Sufficient preparation is the premise to ensure the quality of the air duct device. When preparing for the manufacturing of purification air duct, it is necessary to ensure that the site is clean and closed, and has suitable lighting and lighting conditions, no matter whether centralized manufacturing in the factory or on-site manufacturing method is adopted. In addition, it is necessary to take care of the manufactured square tube to prevent pollution as much as possible.
2. Selection of raw materials for exhaust duct
The selection of air duct materials also has a great impact on the construction quality of air duct. Generally speaking, in order to ensure the weight of the air duct, it is necessary to use Zui small plate thick air duct, but in addition to summing up and considering the size and pressure level of the air duct. From a design point of view, it is worth noting that a system can have several duct plate thicknesses corresponding to different static pressure levels together.
3. Horizontal connection of air duct
The horizontal connection of the air duct must be studied. This connection method can be said to be a means to continue the length of the air duct. It also has the function of strengthening the rigidity and insisting on the correct horizontal dimension of the air duct. Generally, the method of horizontal connection is angle steel flange connection, which depends on the wall thickness, more on the type of connection and the method of plate wall reinforcement.
4. Longitudinal seam joint of air duct
The longitudinal joint method of air duct can select the corresponding method according to the actual situation. In the middle and low pressure air ducts, the buckle type bite is often used for connection. As for the rectangular air ducts, the joint bite is used without any pressure level, so the use of buckle type bite can save a flanging process. Now, most of the longitudinal seam joints of air ducts adopt buckle type bite. For vertical seam and cover type vertical seam, rivets, self tapping screws, spot welding, embossing dent and other methods can be used for fastening.
The advantage of kitchen smoke exhaust is that the flue of kitchen smoke exhaust can be set reasonably, which can help us to have smoke when cooking, and can follow the flue pipe to go away, so as to not cause too much harm to our body, and the kitchen flue can also play a strong role in the bungalow planning to help fire and stir up vegetables.
There are two sets of flue pipes. We can't do without one process. The main flue runs through the whole building, while the auxiliary flue is relatively independent. In general, the lampblack in the house will first enter the auxiliary flue, and then enter the main flue through the hole on the partition board, so as to ensure that the lampblack in each house is isolated. If the secondary flue is directly connected to the main flue, it will cause the phenomenon of inverted smoke or cross smoke due to the low pressure.


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